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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MLK's memory debased by his embarrassing excuse of a family

This is nothing short of profoundly embarrassing.....

From NYPost -- WASHINGTON -- The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s family has charged the foundation building a monument to the civil-rights leader on the National Mall about $800,000 to use his words and image -- and at least one scholar thinks that Dr. King would find such an arrangement offensive.

Everybody knows the dysfunctional King family are money-grubbing bastards with little else on their minds except enriching themselves personally off the life of their famous relative. That's embarrassing enough, but then to find that the actual stone used by the communist Chinese sculptor was quarried in China, is even more astonishing and humiliating for the US. Are there no black sculptors in the US competent enough to do a bust of King for the DC monument? Must we outsource everything including our art?

At least taxpayer money wasn't used for this. The foundation that got the outrageous bill from the King family was supported entirely by donations, but still.

I'm no copyright lawyer, but I would think that as long as no profit was being sought, the use of the likeness and words of Dr. King would surely be public domain by now?


Bill said...

I've seen this described as being done in the "Brutalist" style of sculpture. It's certainly not that attractive.

Ed said...

The artist is a communist who did lots of sculpting in that "style" that reminds you of the cold-war busts of Lenin and Mao etc. Yes, very unattractive and cold.

David said...

It looks unfinished? Maybe they ran out of money. I could care less about this but if I was commissioning it I would have had it made in the USA with USA hands.

Ed said...

It's a commie artist, commie-mined rock, and sculpted mostly in commie China. Only the final assembly was done on site in DC. None of that does much to dispel the rumor that MLK secretly was a communist.

escort said...

This won't have effect in fact, that's exactly what I believe.