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Friday, August 05, 2011

Cops don't appreciate being made fun of....who knew?

Heh heh, in Renton, Washington police are angry at whoever posted animated, Youtube videos mocking and ridiculing their bad behavior. The corrupt police there have been caught having sex while on duty and in uniform, soliciting and receiving unfair promotions, and the list of bad behavior goes on. Nothing in the cartoons is made up. The police did everything that's being made fun of. The embarrassed Renton police chief has even gone so far as accusing the poster of cyber-stalking.

Good luck fellas. Ever hear of the first amendment? It was written specifically to protect citizens from punishment for not respecting the authorities by criticizing them.


david said...

They don't appreciate donut jokes either. I always chuckle when I get my caffeine at the drive-thru at my local Dunkin Doughnuts. When they see me in uniform they give me the "Police Discount" says so right on the receipt.

Ed said...

Police discount....that's funny.

David said...

Just make sure I was reading it wrong I went to DD today. And, sure enough, "20% Police Discount"! I have to laugh.