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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Amateur in Chief is just mailing it in now

One could have guessed that the Commander in Chief, on whose watch the US had its credit rating downgraded for the first time...ever, would want to calm and reassure the nation with an afternoon address from the white house. So as the stock ticker trended ever downward, we watched The One glide coolly to the podium on Monday. Then it all sort of fell apart.

Despite having had all weekend to think of something to say and perhaps memorize it, he retreated to the teleprompter and read the tired rhetoric of partisanship, blame, and tax hikes written by what must have been a severely hungover, white-house toady. It was a lame, uninspiring, recycled version of every speech he's given in the past three months.....

[paraphrased] "We need a balanced approach to deficit reduction", "Extremists in the republican party held the nation hostage", and then bizarrely, "we must reduce our debt by spending more on infrastructure and increase revenue by raising taxes on the filthy rich"

As the market tumbled 630points, Obama recited the same old democrat talking points regarding the Tea Party, taxes on the rich, and government stimulus. In a word, it was awful and beneath the office of President. But then Obama the Amateur is himself beneath the office of President.

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