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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The radical Islamization of Egypt

It begins....

From Haaretz.com -- Several killed, at least 26 wounded after armed gunmen fired on bus traveling near Eilat, close to Egypt border; IDF and trades fire with gunmen; mortars are fired from Egyptian border; IDF kills several terrorists.

The Arab Spring, we were told by our betters in government, will rise up in country after country, abandon the barbaric cult known as Islam, and the middle east will moderate because all they want is freedom, opportunity, and access to wifi-powered social networks. Turns out, not so much. The same backward, Muslim extremists who infest Gaza, Syria, and Jordan are now in Egypt. Israel is now entirely surrounded by armed, aggressive enemies willing to kill its civilians.

Israel needs to ignore the Islam-centric US government, put foot to ass, and handle these terrorists with extreme prejudice.


Bill said...

Not Jordan, at least for now. They seem relatively (for the Arabs) stable and really want to keep it peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Islam-centric US government? Bwahahaha!

Ed said...

What's your point, I.A.N.?

Anonymous said...

Is it an Islamic country that is presently hosting 81 U.S. congressmen on an all-expense-paid-junket?

Does the U.S. give 3 billion in cash every year, no strings attached, to an Islamic country?

Is it an Islamic country that takes that 3 billion and buys U.S. elections with it?

Is it before Muslims that U.S. politicians must genuflect in order to gain and keep office?

Is it Muslims who ruin the careers of any and all politicians who fail to put Muslim interests above those of the American people?

I'm just saying that for the fill-in-the-blank question, _____-centric US government, "Islam" isn't the right answer.

Anonymous said...

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Ed said...

I.A.N., the evil Joooos to whom you obviously refer comprise a broad political spectrum. The Islamists are of one political, hive-mind for the most part. Jews don't buy elections more than anybody else in business. They are free to lobby corrupt politicians just like everybody else. Most of what the Jews do aren't because they are Jews, it's because they are self-interested business people. Their Jewishmess is coincindental. Muslims do what they do solely because they are Muslim. We like the capitalism of the Jews. We do not like the idealism of the Muslims.