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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Messiah gets cheap laughs at the expense of the mentally handicapped

Only the personal lord and savior of liberals can make disparaging jokes about the mentally retarded on national TV and get away scott free....

Toward the end of the interview on Thursday, Obama told host Jay Leno he's been practicing at the White House's bowling alley but wasn't happy with his score of 129.

Leno complimented Obama on the score, but the president quipped, "It was like the Special Olympics or something," which prompted laughter from the audience.

If a republican had said something this insensitive and outrageous, there would be hell to pay with the media but, this deranged media shrugs, and looks the other way no matter what Obama says. It just shows you, the political correctness of never questioning The One, supercedes any, any other political correctness regardless of the conflict. So Obama can ridicule the retarded all he wants. Handicapped people are less protected than the preception of The One.

Obama the bully picks on Special Olympians for cheap laughs.


God Of Bacon said...

According to trench, bullying builds character and makes one tougher.

ed said...

I would buy that argument easily if it pertained to two kids on the play-ground fighting over a kick-ball but, the President of the USA poking fun of handicapped kids? Are you kidding me?