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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, March 13, 2009

Buyers' Remorse over Geithner?

It seems that the Boy Wonder, Little Timmy Geithner, is not impressing anybody in DC, most importantly Obama. Apparently there have been rumors and rumblings within the WhiteHouse that it may be time to think about replacing the person about whom we were lectured by Obama, is the only person on Earth who understands the US economy to the point that he can single-handedly fix it.

My question is if the Boy Wonder wasn't the right choice, how can we trust that the 700billion T.A.R.P., the 900billion stimulus, and the 410billion omnibus bills were the right choices too? If Obama's instincts were so flawed that he turned over the job of recession recovery to a single guy who looks like a hung-over frat boy, doesn't that introduce obvious and serious questions about his instincts on every big decision? Of course it does.

Once again, we are reminded of how abysmally inexperienced, imcompetent, and unprepared Obama was to lead the country.

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