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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Brother will be watching where you drive....and charging you for it

You know how the economy is in trouble and pretty much every American family is having to restrict it's spending and conserve it's resources? Well you'd think the same dynamic would apply to government spending--when tax revenues naturally decrease, government must restrict it's spending and conserve it's resources too.....well, not exactly.....

State officials say Minnesota is working on a pilot program to test the idea of charging drivers for each mile they drive. Other states around the country are considering a vehicle mileage tax, as revenues from the gas tax are expected to decline.

Tim Pawlenty is supposed to be a good conservative. At least he portrayed himself that way in the primaries. Why doesn't Minnesota government reduce it's spending to reflect the loss of tax revenue from lower gas prices and people driving less? Everybody else has to do with less, why not the government?

This just illustrates why all politicians are basically craven, power-addicts. They'll throw all ideology aside before giving up political power by cutting spending. Government will never do with less tax revenue. It will always expand but never contract and it will always, ALWAYS find a way to get more money from you, regardless of stated political ideology.

Americans driving on this road will be a cash bonanza for RINO governors like Pawlenty.


God Of Bacon said...

Will friends of politicians be tracked as they drive around as well?

ed said...

Presumably everybody will have a homing beacon-type ID on every car they own, kind of like in 1984, and a federal or state GPS tracking system would keep tabs on their whereabouts, logging every mile, and then sending them a tax bill for it. No word on when the authorities will start using the same system to keep tabs on ordinary citizens' comings and goings for reasons other than milage taxes.