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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sometimes it's best to play hookie

When you risk attacks by 23foot crocodiles every day on your way to school, perhaps it's time to consider home schooling....

MANILA, Philippines — A 10-year-old girl was decapitated by a crocodile in a Philippine lake after the creature knocked over her canoe, police said Wednesday.

The girl and a classmate were on their way Saturday to their floating school on Agusan del Sur province's Mihaba Lake when the 23-foot-long crocodile bumped the boat, causing it to capsize, said Bunawan town police officer Melchor Danuco.

Rescuers found the girl's headless body floating on the lake on Tuesday, he said.

The classmate was rescued by a man escorting the pair in another boat, said Roel Hipulan, head of the private group that runs the school in remote Bunawan town.

"It's a monster crocodile," Hipulan said, adding that he had seen the creature. He said salt water crocodiles, some bigger than a bus, are known to inhabit the lake.

This kind of makes my complaints about the 4th-grade bully taking my lunch money seem kind of silly. Good grief!


BelchSpeak said...

Holy Crap! Tanks for the heads up on this. WTF is a school doing floating on a lake???

ed said...

Yeah, who puts a grade school in the middle of a crocodile-infested lake? It's like a FarSide cartoon.