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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another harebrained idea to save the polar bears

On TRR I've listed many things I'd pay good money to see. Well, this might be the thing I'd pay the most to watch....

As the climate crisis mounts and Arctic icebergs slip away, polar bears are suffering starvation, population declines, and drowning as they must swim further and further to find food. Seeking to raise awareness for the endangered species' plight, ADDI Concepts has taken wildlife preservation literally by designing a life-vest for displaced polar bears struggling to stay afloat as their homes sink into the sea.

It's too bad that the polar bear population is actually increasing, because of the exploding population of seals and fat, slow-moving environmentalists. Still, I'd love to watch them attempt to put a life vest on a polar bear.

Looks like this polar bear caught another slow-moving environmentalist.

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