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Monday, March 16, 2009

Levi Johnston......deadbeat dad?

Looks like Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston wont' be staying together after all, despite having a baby together. Raise your hand if you saw this coming....let's see, that's one, two,.....OK that's like everybody.

Johnston said they needed time to grow up before following through on marriage plans.

"It's just us not, me not being mature enough, or something, and having a kid and thinking ... it could be better -- better for us to separate for a while," Johnston said.

So while he's growing up, maturing, and essentially continuing with his childhood, Bristol is busy at home actually being an adult with their child. So Levi figures he's mature and grown up enough to bang 16 year old Bristol but, he's not grown up enough to deal with the inevitable consequences of banging her. Great example he's setting.

From FoxNews.


God Of Bacon said...

I never would have expected an asshole jock to behave so irresponsibly.

ed said...

That's funny GoB. Dry wit cuts the deepest.