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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Barney Frank unwittingly calls for self to be thrown in jail

Of all the people who helped to create the current economic crisis that started with Fannie and Freddie Mac, Barney Frank and Chirs Dodd are by far the most culpable. They both took huge sums of campaign cash from F&F Mac and returned the favor by looking the other way as the CEO's of F&F got rich by issuing mortgages to people they knew couldn't afford them. That's what makes this phoney demand by Frank so amusing, I mean if it weren't so absurd...

Barney Frank: I Demand Prosecutions for Those Risk-Taking Villains Who Begat This Crisis!

Heavens! We can't have risk-taking in the markets now can we? It was Frank and Dodd who used the power of government to force all the bad bank and mortgage lending even though Bush and McCain tried to point out the danger ahead. Now he's running around outraged that nobody's been prosecuted. If there is ever a prosecutor assigned to investigate, it'll be a hand-picked, spineless todie who'll do exactly what Frank tells him to.

Here's Barney Frank, playing a little grab-ass with probably an intern. If there were any justice in the world, he would be playing a lot more than that in prison where he belongs.

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