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Monday, March 09, 2009

Police detectives too lazy to go and detect, ask criminals to turn selves in

This must be stupid headline day.....

Drug amnesty bins left empty

Police say a very small quantity of drugs was placed in amnesty bins which were used at a music festival in Perth at the weekend.
The bins were located at the entrance of the Rock-It festival in Joondalup, where people could dispose of drugs without being charged.
Commander Cunningham says only a few people disposed of drugs in the bins.

Seriously? Were the authorities really disappointed that nobody threw away their drugs, drugs they brought specifically with them to get high at the rock concert? And drugs are expensive. People don't just throw them away because they were given the opportunity to. I can see now the astonished, stupefied expressions on the cops' faces when they discovered that drug addicts declined to accept their invitation. How comically asinine!


Darwen Reporter said...

I agree it's a bit dim. We had the same in our area with Detectives telling those "wanted" to give themselves up or they come and find them. I suppose it's rather warm and cosy in their offices on a cold winter's day!

Anonymous said...

And don't forget to declare your drug profits to the IRS.