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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy Square-Root Day!

Geeks rejoice! It's 3-3-09. That means it's National Square Root Day. There are only 9 of these each century, or about the same frequency of occurance as honest politicians coming out of Chicago. So take a few minutes to grab the desk calculator and calculate the square root of something.


Question 1: Name the date of the next square-root day?

(For bonus points) Question 2: If only 9 occur each century, how can the 22nd Century feature twelve(as my smart-aleck wife pointed out) square-root days?

Leave your guesses in the comments thread.


David said...

April 4, 2016

Ed said...

And David wins a cookie for correctly answering Q1. How about the puzzler bonus question? David is a trained engineer, he should be up on this math stuff.

Reid said...

Since the year will be 2100 et al, added are 10/10/100, 11/11/121 and 12/12/ 144. Hope that is right ,Oh Captain my Captain!

Ed said...

Reid wins the bonus cookie. Well done!