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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wealth and class envy in the reprehensible media

So, you don't think the main stream media have a liberal agenda to advance? Read this headline from the AP about that tragic plane crash where 7 children perished....

BUTTE, Mont. (AP) - Three California families headed to a retreat for the ultrarich were among the 14 victims of a plane crash in Montana.

For heaven's sake! What possible relevance to the plane crash does "retreat for the ultrarich" have? None at all. The stupid, jackass reporter that wrote it is suggesting, and not too subtly, that because they were ultrarich, that they probably deserved to die in a fiery plane crash. Otherwise why add that qualifier?

This is what Obama has wrought in America....open class warfare and resentment toward anybody who has more than you. It's disgusting and shameful!


capt. america said...

Says a man who labels people 'smelly hippies'.

ed said...

That's because dumb environmentalists' as a group are generally made up of former smelly hippie types. Pro-environmentalism is part of the hippie personna. The two go hand in hand. Conversely, burning to death in a plane crash has nothing to do with being the child of wealthy parents.

But nice try anyway capt., to paint me as a hypocrit. We have a nice board-game version of TRR as a parting gift.