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Friday, May 16, 2008

Tough love works

I'm sure you've heard about this story today....the one where the judge told an underage drinker that he might as well go ahead and save everybody some trouble and kill himself because that's where he was headed....

NOVI, Mich. — A decision has not yet been made on possible disciplinary action against a Novi magistrate who suggested to an underage drinker that he commit suicide.

Novi District Court Judge Brian MacKenzie said Wednesday his office still is looking into comments made April 10 by Judith Holtz.

Holtz had told Michael Robert Dickey of Farmington Hills that it would be cheaper, faster and less painful for the people who cared about him if he took his own life.

Court transcripts obtained by WXYZ-TV in Detroit show Holtz suggested Dickey jump from the roof of his house or slash his wrists as she chastised the 20-year-old for a third charge involving alcohol. He was being sentenced for being a minor in possession.

I am totally in favor of that judge saying what she did. This stupid kid doesn't need his self-esteem coddled, he needs to be shocked into seeing the dangerous path down which he's traveling with the drinking. The media talking heads, including some on FOXNEWS, are all upset because she may have hurt the kids feelings, saying that she shouldn't say things like that to a minor.

That's EXACTLY what she should have said to this dumb@%s while he's still a minor, still alive, and can be helped! How is telling him he might as well kill himself any more harmful than showing him this picture of a car crash in which kids just like him died from drunk driving? You touchy-feely liberal parents who protect your kids from all aspects of reality are not only failing to properly raise your kids, you're harming them. Good for this judge! She obviously cares more about this repeat offender than his parents do.


Kevin said...

I agree here, the kid needs a culture shock. Drinking and driving, at any age, is stupid. It would be just as dumb as diving off of a 20 foot building. The kid taking his own life would be better for everyone. I don't want people who drink and drive driving around me! They are putting me in harms way! DUI needs to have stricter punishment. We need to start tacking on a public endangerment charge to it. Make it a felony. Something, because just a DUI is not stopping people from driving under the influence.

Ed said...

I don't think the kid was driving. He just got busted for the third time for "possession of alcohol by a minor". Which makes Kevin's point more salient....get through to him any way you can before he kills somebody or himself.

Kevin said...

I don't so much care if he kills himself, as long as he doesn't endanger other people in the process.