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Monday, May 19, 2008

One man's trash is another man's lunch

I'm sure you've heard of these smelly hippies who have good jobs and can afford a comfortable life, but choose to dig through garbage in New York looking for food to eat. Across the pond, the TimesOnline chooses to characterize this lifestyle as a necessity in an America on the brink of collapse.....

Soaring food prices have led to a growing number of middle-class New Yorkers joining an unusual organisation that “dumpster dives” in rubbish bins for food.

The trash tours form part of a growing movement called “Freegans”, which is rapidly increasing in popularity as New Yorkers find it harder and harder to make ends meet.

Using perverse liberal logic only they understand, scrounging through dumpsters and eating the food that rats and roaches were just eating, is somehow romantic. The Eurotrash media seem to delight in the idea, though wrong, that America is struggeling to the point that we've been reduced to eating garbage. They don't acknowledge that these stupid hippies just like dressing up and pretending to be vagrants, degenerates, and shiftless bums.

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Kevin said...

The reason why food prices rise is because these dumb hippies didn't take economics, that or were too busy getting stoned to remember anything from it. Not buying the food won't lower the prices. But here is a way for the people who actually consume, to get back at the dumb hippies. Put your food in a compost pit, or when you throw your food away, dump bleach and drain cleaner in with it. Make it so that if they want to be that stupid, they can die. You aren't committing any crimes either. Of course I see the result of this plan ending up in court.