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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Calculate when environmentalists think you should die

Australia, once the last great frontier where rugged individualism, personal responsibility, and independence were prized, if not necessary, attributes. Now, it's just another moonbat-infested fever swamp of environmental zealotry. In Australia's government indoctrination centers, children are made to feel guilty about even being born. They're told how their parasitic existance on Earth harms the deity Mother Gaia, and they are given greenhouse calculators so they can find out when they should die so that Mother Earth can live. I'm not making this up. It's not a joke. Children in Australia are actually made to feel guilty about living and feel good about dying.

Go to GreenHouse Calculator and find out when you should have died in order to have used only your fair share of Gaia's resources. There's a pig representing the average consumer, a pig representing the eco-friendly consumer, and then a pig that represents you that grows bigger with every eco-wasteful answer you give. It's kind of fun. Calculate your should-have-died date and post it in the comments thread. We'll compare and see who of us has outlived his usefullness the longest.

I calculated mine, and I should have died at age 4.5. I'm sure many people wish I had.

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Kevin said...

I should have died at 7.3. This is perhaps the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. If people are so worried about their impact on the planet, why don't they just commit suicide? Make our lives easier.