“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend reading assignment

I love this guy! This is Czech President Vaclav Klaus, the world's most vocal bellwether against global warming hysteria. Charles Krauthammer wrote an article this week about the insidious, though ignored by the MSM, goals of the modern environmental movement, in which he quoted Klaus...

"The largest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity," warns Czech President Vaclav Klaus, "is no longer socialism. It is, instead, the ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous ideology of environmentalism."

If that tidbit doesn't tantalize you to read Charles' article, then you are a liberal twit and you should go back to your composting activities in the back yard. For all others, inbetween mowing the lawn, trips to Home Depot, and grilling animal flesh this weekend, try to take a minute and read it. You'll be glad you did. It validates the points I rant about here daily. Specifically that the radical environmental movement of Al Gore and others is not so much about Mother Gaia as it is about fleecing money from you and controlling the day to day minutae of how you live your lives.

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Kevin said...

I believe he was the first one also to criticize the Nobel panel for giving Al Gore the peace prize. Great man, too bad he isn't running our country.