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Monday, May 05, 2008

Worst parents in the universe!

I'm generally not in favor of forced sterilization but I would make an exception in these peoples' case...

The parents of an 11-year-old Wisconsin girl, who prayed instead of seeking medical help for their diabetic child are facing homicide charges in connection with her death.

Are these two people too stupid to consider the possibility, just for a minute, that maybe God answers prayers through doctors and modern medicine? Clearly that question is rhetorical. I hope these retards contract a painful, lingering infection in prison....one that involves lower back pain and rectal bleeding.


Kevin said...

Generally I think the steps are call 911, then pray, or pray as you call 911. Not just pray.

Ed said...

This wasn't even an emergency. They knowingly allowed their daughter to toil in diabetic ketoacidotic misery for days until she eventually lapsed into a diabetic coma and days later died while they asked God to save her. These are the two most miserably incompetent parents in America....and that's saying something.

Bobby T said...

I would be forced to argue the point on the 2 most incompetent parents. I noticed thatMonica Lewinsky will soon have a birthday. It seems just like yesterday when she was crawling around on the White House Floor. I assume she was teething too, 'cause she always had something in her mouth!! I vote for them!