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Friday, May 09, 2008

Sins of the Sister?

Shauntel Mayo and her boyfriend have been convicted and sentenced to life in prison for using her siblings to perform sex acts in a swingers club the couple operated.
Thankfully the club was in conservative Texas and not some whacko liberal area that would have let this go. These 2 people need to be eliminated quickly from the face of this planet. Her siblings were between 7 and 10. How demented is that? She is a disgusting slime ball and will hopefully be "handled with care" upon her introduction to the "general population".
Sadly they also have 4 additional co-defendants awaiting trial on the same charges. These people are all completely revolting.
I understand how and why a swingers club exists, but cannot fathom anyone paying to watch this type of debauchery. I believe that the membership list needs to be confiscated, and that those people need to be all put away for any participation in this type of sordid behavior. Gross and disgusting!!
I hope and pray that our country will start to rise above this type of "gutter-behavior" , but ultimately feel that we are heading to a place where this may be closer to the norm than I wish. As we watch daily, our country is denegrating before us, and we sit idly by and do nothing. It is time to wake up people and protect your children, or your neighborhood may be next!!

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