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Friday, May 16, 2008

TRR weekend poll question

The big news this week was the court-ordered removal of the gay-marriage ban in California. Of course gays in the land of fruit and nuts are rejoicing even as they race to the courthouse to exchange vows. Conservative traditionalists meanwhile, are lamenting this abandonment of societal mores as proof at least, of the decline of western civilization if not a sure sign of the Apocalypse. At TRR, we fall somewhere in the middle. That said, here's the TRR weekend poll question for your enjoyment....

Do you think gay "marriage" demeans the institution of marriage?
Yes, a "marriage" should be between 1 man and 1 woman
No, the law should not discriminate against gays regarding what is a religious definition of a secular word
No, Hollywood heterosexuals have done more damage to the institution of marriage than gays ever could
Yes, and there are other religious-based traditions that do not violate the establishment clause
Yes, it's a slippery slope. What's next? A man and two women? Three men? Three men, one of which is a midget?
My head hurts thinking about this. Shania's available now....does anybody have her number?
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Kevin said...

Limit marriage to two people. Any two people. So long as their DNA is human, they are not related, and they are both of age, they should be able to get married.

freedom2learn said...

Why should it matter if they are related? As long as they are consenting adults??

ed said...

I detect a note of sarcasm in freedom's comment.

While in general, morality alone should not be the basis for public policy, familial romance has a medical basis for prohibition....offspring.

Inbreeding is one of those social taboos that has a medical basis as well as a moral one. Still, Germany is considering lifting it's ban on brother/sister, father/daughter couplings.....eeeeew!

If I am to be consistent in my position, I have to say that, if you take reproduction out it, and it does not impede anyone else's pursuit of happiness, then there's no basis upon which to ban familial romances.

I mean is it any more unnatural than homosexuality? That's arguable.

Kevin said...

Very true, although I was looking at the medical aspects of incest. But good point.