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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Save the Polar Bears!

Despite all the evidence showing that Polar Bear populations have doubled since 1960, that Arctic ice sheets have actually thickened in recent years, and that CO2 is not a pollutant...but a vital compound for life, environmentalist retards have succeeded in getting Polar Bears onto the threatened list. Polar Bears are one of only a few animals that actively pursue and hunt humans. Of course this is music to the ears of Gaia-worshipping forest fairies, for whom ANY loss of human life is cause for celebration. (Imagine the near-orgasmic thrill these human-haters got when the cyclone killed a quarter of a million in Burma and the earthquake killed nearly 50,000 in China.)

The point of modern environmentalism is not to save the Polar Bears, but to curtail and regulate the activities of humans to the point that we are basically living 11th century lifestyles. Polar Bears are just the latest tool employed by the whacky Left to indoctrinate our children into becoming mindless zealots in the church of modern environmentalism.

If environmentalists had their way, every living thing except humans would be on the threatened list, including plants.

Here's one of the man-killers now, enjoying his new status as "threatened". If only some environmentalists would wander over there.


Kevin said...

I strongly believe in adaptation. Why help keep a species alive when it can't keep its self alive. Once an animal gets on the endangered list, it almost always ends up staying on there, and humans have to keep it alive. Look at the panda bear for instance. There are what 4 left on the planet? The animal has no will to procreate, why should we make it? When humans become endangered, who will attempt to save us?

charles said...

Endangered humans.....the environmentalists' wet dream.