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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A boy named Sue

The last time we had this discussion, it was about a 9year old in Colorado, now it's about a 9 year old in Phily...

For school officials in Haverford Township, the challenge was daunting: What do you do when a 9-year-old student, with the full support of his parents, decides that he is no longer a boy and instead is a girl?
Parents of a third-grade student at Chatham Park Elementary School approached the administration on April 16 to ask for help in making a "social transition" for their child.

The Haverford School District consulted experts on transgender children, then sent letters to parents advising them that the guidance counselor would meet with the school's 100 third-grade students to explain why their classmate would now wear girls' clothes and be called by a girl's name.

Look, I said it before and I'll say it again, indulging the orientation fantasies of a pre-pubescent child by letting him dress up like a girl and change his name is beyond child abuse. Why not wait until he's at least well into puberty before taking any of this seriously? Is it because his progressive hippie parents have him on a strict vegan diet? Is it because his touchy-feely parents made him play with dolls rather than trucks as a toddler to prove how non-gender biased they are? Or is it popular with the progressive in-crowd in Phily to screw up your kid by making gender-political statements through them?

Why not let the kid reach full-on puberty, say 16-17, and let him decide what makes him feel "normal". Then take medical action at that point if it's necessary. 9 year olds will eat bugs for money....you can't let them make complicated gender identity decisions for themselves at that age.

Quick, somebody get this kid a hamburger, a plastic gun, and some therapy.


Kevin said...

Kids cannot make decisions for themselves. My mom picked out my school clothes until I was about 10, and then she wouldnt let me leave the house unless I was properly clothed. The public schools need to take a stand here and instead of taking away from childrens real education to edukate them on this crap, they need to be teaching kids about math and history. This is useless nonsense. He is a kid, he is confused. It the parents duty to straighten things out, no pun intended.

Jay said...

Gender identity is not a choice, and is not related to sexual orientation, straight or otherwise. Methinks Ed should educate himself before spouting off a the mouth.