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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, May 30, 2008

Many have promised, few have gone

Hollywood dingbats regularly promise to leave the country if the American voters don't do as they say. Here's the latest....

Actress Susan Sarandon has vowed to move abroad if Senator John McCain is elected to the Presidency of the United States.

Columnist Liz Smith reports that the comely Sarandon, who will be 62 this year, is not pleased at the idea of another Republican regime occupying the White House. Sarandon told Smith she won't have it.

Smith claims the outspoken liberal Sarandon says that if John McCain is elected, that she will move to Italy or Canada.
Sarandon tells Smith, "It's a critical time, but I have faith in the American people."

I recall Alec Baldwin, who's even stupider than Sarandon, promising to leave if Bush got elected, yet he's still here enjoying the wealth and freedoms of the greatest country ever, and even thinking of running for office. He was then, as Sarandon is now, a witless blowhard who thinks the American voters care what they think. We don't!

Here's Sarandon lecturing an audience. Would we really miss her if she fell off the face of the Earth?


Kevin said...

I really enjoy reading things like this. Do these idiot celebrities really think we care what they think about society? They are upper class, and don't ever give anything back, besides the occasional movie. We can always find more people to act in movies. She can go have fun waiting in line in Canada for health care. I will still vote for McCain in the fall.

Ed said...

well said, my friend.

Kevin said...

If anything, her saying that would make me want to vote for McCain even more. I don't want people trying to convince me to vote differently for dumb reasons such as this.

freedom2learn said...

The problem is, Kevin, most people do care what idiot celebrities say - and worse yet - they want to be like them. I don't understand it, but it seems to be.

Kevin said...

Yes Freedom, but those aren't real people.