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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The start of cap and trade

Out in the fever swamp of liberalism known as San Francisco, they've already begun the disastrous process of limiting industrial CO2 production, but then allowing companies to trade carbon credits. It's a scheme known as cap-and-trade in which feckless legislators arbitrarily limit carbon output in obeisance to global warming kooks. Here's the gist of it.....

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Bay Area Air Quality Management District's board of directors on Wednesday approved new rules to charge businesses a fee for the pollution they emit.

The group's board of directors voted 15-1 on unprecedented new rules that will impose fees on factories, power plants, oil refineries and other businesses that emit carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases.
The agency, which regulates air pollution in the nine-county Bay Area, will be the first in the country to charge companies fees based on their greenhouse gas emissions, experts say. The new rules will take effect July 1.

The modest fee -- 4.4 cents per ton of carbon dioxide -- probably won't be enough to force companies to reduce their emissions, but backers say it sets an important precedent in combating climate change and could serve as a model for regional air districts nationwide.

The imaginary menace of global warming will not be avoided by capping harmless carbon output......because global warming is IMAGINARY! Carbon is not a pollutant, it's a necessary building block of life. Plants consume it, how can it be bad?

That J.Mac. has advanced this idea as a way to limit global warming is preposterous and gives me great pause before I get on his bandwagon. How can I vote for a President who naively believes that man has anything at all to do with climate change? I'm starting to think the idea of a wake-up call in the form of a huge republican defeat, both Congressionally and for President, has merit.

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Kevin said...

How about instead of exchanging carbon credits, i.e. charging people for the amount of carbon they produce, you go plant a few extra trees in your backyard. Seriously, if this trend erupts onto the scene, i am opening up my own carbon credit card company. Want to pollute? Just use your carbon credit card, and the environment will be ok. How ridiculous! Money is not going to make "global warming" go away. Actually money is what caused it, because Al Gore and his hippie liberal douche friends figured out that hoaxing people into thinking that the earth is going to fry, was a great get quick rich scheme. And even more disgustingly, he managed to win the Nobel Peace Prize!!! If people in this country would start thinking for themselves, and stop letting the government think for them, we might actually have a thriving economy right now.