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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The self-inflicted decline of the GOP

It's getting to the point that you can barely distinguish between democrats and republicans anymore. What used to be the party of small, limited government, low taxes, low spending, champions of the free enterprise market economy, is now the party of big spending, crippling regulations, and environmental lunacy. That being the case, we can expect to see more of this sort of thing...

In a major blow to national Republicans, a Mississippi congressional seat that once voted for President Bush by a twenty-five point margin elected a Democrat on Tuesday. Prentiss County Chancery Clerk Travis Childers beat out Republican candidate Greg Davis, the mayor of Southaven, by a 54%-46% margin, a spread that several Republican strategists on Capitol Hill characterized as a startling wake-up call for a party in dire straits.

The whole idiotic notion of "compassionate conservatism" is a canard for big government liberalism....and true conservative voters are sick of it. It's the very thing that has given rise to liberterian candidates like Bob Barr of Georgia polling around 7% even though he just announced his candidacy this week. Half the country(the stupid lazy half) wants the imperial federal government to be responsible for every part of their daily life so they don't have to make any decisions or be held accountable for their own failures. Plus they resent the fact that some Americans have more than they do, and they relish in the idea of the government taking what others have earned and giving it to them. These degenerates will ALWAYS vote for which ever democrat promises them the biggest goody bags filled with the earnings of better people than them. This class warfare is how democrats get elected. And it means that unless you conservatives want to live out the rest of your lives working to support the shiftless class(translated: democrat voting base), then you had better elect politicians who'll return to conservative principles of self-reliance and personal responsibility.

Republicans are already expected to lose seats in both Houses in November. I'm starting to think that what the republican party needs is a traumatic losses this election cycle to shock them into behaving like conservatives rather than the power-addicted, moderates they've become.

The bottom line is this: unless the republican party seriously returns to it's ideological roots, it might be destined to wander the desert for another 40 years, if not forever. Which brings us to our TRR poll question...

Would a democrat sweep across the board in November be good or bad for the republican party?
Good: the GOP needs a wake-up call
Bad: a liberal executive and legislative branch could do too much harm
I don't care....can you post some pictures of Jennifer Anniston in a bikini?
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Kevin said...

Ed, ordinarily I would think that having the democrats sweep the polls wouldn't be so terrible, but when you look at who the democratic candidates are, BO and HC, nothing but harm can come from that. BO and HC are only interested in helping the poor people, and in helping them, are going to destroy the middle class, and cripple the upper class. In trying to make the poor better off, they will be sacrificing the middle class workers who work their tails off every day trying to stay in the middle class.