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Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't eco-hippies stink enough as it is?

If it were possible to gouge out my mind's eye, that's what I'd be doing right about now.....

“Natural living” advocates unveil their latest planet-saving invention - the reusable toilet wipe.

Are you kidding me? Of course deranged eco-hippies smell pretty rank already....it already requires daily baths in patchouli oil just to hide the disgusting smells of deoderantless underarm, unwashed feet, and daily refer use. What'll they have to do to hide this smell? People this stupid should warn the rest of us with signage or something to stay away. If you want to read all about reusable adult wipies, head on over to HippieCentral.com, and don't invite me to your house.

Would you wipe your butt with one of these....and then keep it?

1 comment:

God Of Bacon said...

How about those guys who wipe Eddie Murphy's butt in Coming to America?