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Thursday, February 12, 2009

It'll soon be Rahm Emmanuel's turn under the Hope-n-Change Bus

Well, it looks like Judd Gregg has had enough humiliation for one career. A republican, he was Obama's second pick for Commerce Secretary in a lame attempt to convince us that he was the post-partisan President. In a census year, which 2010 is, traditionally the census is overseen by the Commerce Department, however, Rahm Emmanual saw an opportunity to manipulate the census and create millions of new democrat voters out of thin air by running the census out of the White House. Essentially, this left Gregg with little else to do as secretary. Combine this appauling immasculation of Gregg with his already queezy stomach over the ridiculous stimulus package and he just couldn't take it anymore and removed himself from consideration for that post today.

To watch The One get royally pwned by a republican has been enjoyable today, to say the least. Knowing that Rahm Emmanuel caused this humiliation and embarassment of The One was priceless. It's the chief-of-staff's job to fill cabinet positions with good people and the many transition mistakes and flubs make Obama look like Rahm Emmanuel has his hand up Obama's butt operating him like a puppet. I wonder when it'll be Rahm's turn under the Hope-n-Change Bus.

Rahm gives Nan Pelosi an affectionate pat on the bottom......eeeeeeww!

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