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Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday funny

Throw rocks at a wasps' nest, and there's a good chance your dumb ass will get stung...

A SWARM of wasps is believed to have attacked 30 schoolchildren in the central Queensland city of Mackay after rocks were thrown at their nest.

It is believed some children in the school group were throwing rocks at a wasps' nest in Queens Park, Mackay, when the swarm of wasps emerged, attacking about 30 children.

I can remember doing stupid stuff like this as a kid but, we threw from far away for two reasons: first was to make it more of a challenge, and second, TO MAKE SURE WE COULD RUN AWAY AND NOT GET STUNG!

What a bunch of idiots! They probably stood right under it to make it easier to hit. These kids are the Darwin Award competitors for the next 20 years.

Kids, do not throw rocks at these.

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Anonymous said...

My friends and I used a six foot long, 3/4 inch I.D. aluminum pipe as a blowgun. We'd make a paper cone with a 6 penny nail in the end of it as a projectile. After getting our range, we could reliably hit a nest with 2 out of 3 shots from about three station wagon lengths away. A wasp nest as big as the one you show here could absorb several dozen shots before falling apart.

And that was without drugs.