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Monday, February 16, 2009

Peace in the Middle East...still just a Miss America pageant cliche'

Too bad Tzipi Livni isn't as smart as she is attractive.....

Tzipi Livni, who hopes to be appointed Israel's prime minister-designate, said Monday Israel must give up considerable territory in exchange for peace with the Palestinians, drawing a clear distinction with her rival, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Has Tzipi seen Gaza lately?

When you're dealing with third-world, nomadic zealots who're controlled by Jew-hating terrorists who have never respected an agreement, what makes her think they'll respect any, any peace agreement this time? Israel gave up the Gaza strip to the Palestinians 3 years ago. They left a vibrant community complete with housing, markets, and infrastructure. Within weeks the Palestinians had turned it into a dysfunctional, unproductive slum and staging ground for Hamas terrorist attacks in Israelis.

The violence will not stop for any reason until Isreal finally destroys, once and for all, Hamas, Hezbollah, and any other Jew-hating terrorists that threaten it's security and citizenry. Only then will there be peace.

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