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Monday, February 16, 2009

Wanted: Male Teachers

This is about what I would have guessed.....

From an article over at NationalSummary.

Back in my college days, I remember meeting female education majors who were downright hostile to men becoming elementary school teachers. One acquaintance even told me that other than mopping the floors or cutting the grass, men have no business being in an elementary school.

And men themselves have their own negative perceptions about teaching such as the educators not being masculine enough, poor salaries, isolation from being in a female dominated field to an apprehension from the public. In addition, other issues such as teachers losing more control of the classroom or schools becoming too “politically correct” or too politicized instead of focusing on education have added fuel to the fire.

As a result, the numbers of male teachers are astonishingly low. According to the teacher’s union, The National Education Association, out of three million teachers, only 21 percent are male and when elementary schools are taken into account, that percentage plummets to only 9 percent.

It's a crying shame when more male teachers are needed to lower, that's right, I said LOWER the incidence of teacher/student sex. I think the dearth of male teachers is due to a single factor: it's men's wise fear of even the appearance of inappropriate contact with a student and the life-ruining law suit the parents will inevitably file that keeps them out of the classroom.

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