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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, February 02, 2009

Barack Obama......Jerky Boy

President Obama is acting like a jerk! I wonder how Oprah feels about her personal messiah taking a shot at a woman for no reason other than her weight problem?

Obama reminds me of one of those cool kids in school that everybody fawns over, who thinks he can ridicule and mock anybody because the dingleberry suck-ups that follow him around will laugh at literally anything he says to belittle another person, regardless of how hurtful.

Exit question: do you think any, any of the women who voted for Obama will think differently about him now? Or are they the same self-loathing women who remained loyal to Bill Clinton, knowing that he was a serial philanderer, molestor and probably a rapist?

My bet is that her status as an airheaded celebrity, will be rationalization enough, for Obama making fun of her weight problem.

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