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Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'm just weird like that

Maybe it's because I worked with somebody in college who had an extra thumb but, I'm one of those people who will count a person's toes at the pool if they stay still long enough. It's kind of like women who notice the presence or absence of wedding rings immediately after meeting somebody. The reason is because occasionally, you come across something like this.....

A baby boy was born in California with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, KTVU-TV in San Francisco reported.

Kamani Hubbard, the baby boy born to a couple in Daly City, has a condition called "polydactyly" — a genetic trait that causes the appearance of extra fingers and toes, according to the station.

Bay Area doctors say it is not an uncommon condition, but Kamani's is an extremely rare case.

The baby appeared to be normal at birth, and no one noticed his extra digits at first. His father was the one who eventually saw the boy's 12 fingers and toes — and said the trait seems to run in the family.

I'm not insulting about it. I mean it's no big deal really. It's just one of those macabre, curious, medical phenomenon that compels you to look.

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