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Friday, June 06, 2008

The worst city in the world!

Unless you are a troll under a bridge somewhere, you've probably seen this disturbing clip from Hartford, Connecticut. In an interview yesterday from his cave in the remote mountains of Pakistan, Osama Bin-Laden was asked about this video clip. His shocked reply: "Even I, the worst person in the world, am horrified by the callousness of the infidels in Hartford, Connecticut. They are vermin! It is an abomination before Allah! I am shocked, shocked I tell you!"

How awful do you have to be to get called "vermin" by Osama Bin-Laden?

Seriously folks, if you are a citizen of Hartford, Connecticut, today you have to be embarrassed beyond belief. I cannot believe this happend in America. The people of that town are the most shameful, reprehensibly awful miscreants in all the world. You are degenerate, soulless scum for not helping that 85 year old man who lay dying in the middle of the street. I am ashamed of you. America is ashamed of you. Even a terrorist would help an old man who got hit by a car...but not you.

Detroit, Mogadishu, Beirut, D.C., all come to mind as places I'd rather be hit by a car than Hartford.

Good Grief!


freedom2learn said...

I must be a troll - I haven't seen it until now. Wow - that is hard to watch. Those people are

But Ed, do you really think Bin laden would help ANY American? He will just use this as further proof in his twisted mind that wretched Americans should die and his murderous history is justified. You know... all Americans behave this way. We're so horrible we run people down and watch them die a spectacle just for fun - it's the American way. I'm sure he watched in glee as people jumped to their death from the towers on 9/11 - what a hypocrite!

Ed said...

I'm sure Osama would NOT help the dying target of his terrorism but, I have to believe that instinctively, for an old man against whom he had no prior grudge, even Osama would extend a hand. But not the soulless ghouls in Hartford.

Kevin said...

For like almost an entire minute, no one, NO ONE! goes to his aid. Ridiculous.