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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Katrina v2.0

As midwestern states continue to get rain, and the Mississippi continues to swell, further and further south, levees are getting breeched and towns are getting flooded. Guess where all this culminates? That's right, New Orleans.

GULFPORT, Ill. — Floodwaters breached two levees in western Illinois on Wednesday and threatened more Mississippi River towns in Missouri after inundating much of Iowa for the past week.

Because of the legendary corruption and incompetence in Louisiana, the levees were never properly repaired and/or rebuilt after Katrina. When the Mississippi floods the Ninth Ward again, who do you think will be again on their rooves waiting for the government to rescue them? Where do you think the school buses will be this time around? Who do you think Mayor Ray Nagin will blame for this disaster too? Toward whom do you think the media will project more sympathy, the white flood victims in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri, or the minorities in New Orleans?

I hope it doesn't happen and it might not but, you know the answers to every one of those questions if it does.


Melvin N. Cade, Esquire said...

You don't know what the hell you are talking about. The Mississippi has not flooded in New Orleans since 1927. The Bonnee Carre Spillway protects New Orleans from flooding from the Mississippi River.

The levees that breached during Katrina were for canals that lead to Lake Pontchartrain. They were the Industrial Canal levee in the 9th ward and the 17th Street Canal and London Avenue Canals.

The levees are the responsibility of the Federal Army Corps of Engineers - and yes they are incompetent.

Until you know that the hell you are talking about, don't speculate about my hometown flooding.

ed said...

Well, Melvin N. Cade, Esquire, something gave way due to gross negligence during Katrina, and I'm not talking about the city's dignity, self respect, and regard for fellow men.

The canals are part of the overall system of flood control that, but for the Mississippi, wouldn't be necessary, no? This is from National Geographic...

New Orleans is below sea level and is crisscrossed by canals connecting Lake Pontchartrain, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico. Levees were built around the canals to protect the city from flooding when surrounding water levels rise.

So, Melvin N. Cade, Esquire, if one or all of those bodies of water floods, the canals, levees, etc may protect the city if they were properly contstructed and maintained.....which they were neither.

Get off your high horse Melvin. "Your hometown" showed the world how NOT to manage a natural disaster, how NOT to lift a finger to even save your own lives, and how NOT to build a major city below sea level----right next to a lake, a river, and the sea.

I don't wish for NO to be flooded again.....but I wouldn't bet against it.

Kevin said...

So if the Army Corp of Engineers is responsible for the levees being faulty, and you know this fact, why on God's green earth would you live there?! It is below sea level, you can't get flood insurance there, and yet you continue to put your life at risk. That is like putting your house on a volcano that is about to erupt. Why would you do that? You know something bad will eventually happen to it. It is really sickening to know that people who are actually smart and don't live below sea level next to a river notorious for flooding are the ones who ultimately have to pay for the stupid mistakes that people like you, Melvin, make.

Melvin N. Cade, Esquire said...

Well, why do I live here? Why the hell did Bienville and Ibberville decide to build a major port city which is located between a big lake and a river just a few hundred miles away from the sea?.....because of its port and its strategic importance.

Katrina did not create a third world country - it simply revealed one.

The Native Americans told the goddamn Europeans centuries ago that it was impossible to own this land, because it always changes. Tell the people in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin to move because of the floods; tell the entire mid-west to move because of tornadoes; tell the people in California to move because of mudslides, flooding, and wild fires.

But - don't tell me a goddamn thing - my family (of french and african ancestry) has been here since the 1760's and we ain't going anywhere.

By the way, is Wall Street going to be relocated if a hurricane strikes NYC. It has happened before and it will happen again.

Kevin said...

Hey if you want to live in a danger zone go ahead, all i am saying is that we shouldn't have to pay for your mistakes. People who live in California have earthquake and fire insurance. People in Iowa and all along the Mississippi have flood insurance. Same with natural disaster insurance in the midwest. But i would be damned to find an insurance company willing to insure homes in New Orleans. Stop complaining about what happened down there, because it was bound to happen. People there knew the consequences, yet they lived there anyway, and then complained when the smarter Americans didn't want to help them. That is ridiculous. And as far as the strategic port crap goes, get with the 21st century. We haven't had a war in this country since the Civil War. There is no strategic importance. Nowadays, the only reason people go to New Orleans is for the parties. You are naive if you think otherwise.

ed said...

@melvin n. cade, esquire,

Nobody's saying you don't have every right to live in the dirtiest city in America. If you can afford flood/hurricane insurance, that is. When all you own is destroyed, don't expect the American taxpayer to bail you out in order to preserve your way of life.

Melvin N. Cade, Esquire said...

Dirtiest city....that would be Filthydelphia

Kevin said...

If Filthydelphia is New Orleans, then you would be correct. I have never been in a city that reeked as badly of vomit, urine, and corndogs, as New Orleans.

Ed said...

vomit, urine, and corndogs

that's some funny s%@t!

Kevin said...

You have never heard that before? Corndog is the meal of choice when LSU comes to town.