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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shut-up and act!

Actress Daryl Hannah, known for her roles in Splash, Wallstreet, Kill Bill, and many other good movies, has recently leapt off the eco-cliff with other deranged Hollywood nit-wits like Ed Begley and Leo DiCaprio. Like all the rest, she believes the global warming farce and puts her beliefs into action by living her life like it's the 17th century.

She was interviewed by the crew on Fox&Freinds this morning so I thought I'd check out her blog. It's all about eco this and eco that, the usual crap about saving Gaia from the imaginary menace of global warming through conservation. Here's a snipit from the part about fresh water conservation:

The average American uses about 100 gallons of water a day. The French and Germans use about 60 gallons a day per capita, and people in some tribal communities use fewer than 10.

I'm sure it was unintentional but, that stat sets the French up for some rather obvious bathing jokes. Feel free to write your own.

I try not to waste water but, come on. The reason we live in the wealthiest nation on Earth is because we have the technology that provides us with plentiful amounts of fresh water. If I wanted to get by on 10 gallons a day, I'd move to Borneo or some other God-forsaken, jungle crap-hole.

Here's Daryl, back when we liked her...before the dark days of eco-nuttery.


Kevin said...

I really enjoy the people in tribal communities live off less than ten a day. That is all that they have. They don't bathe. They are all underfed. They use bows and arrows. We are all healthy, we have tons and tons of water to use 100 gallons a day. And for those of you who want to argue that last fact, go to Iowa, there is water everywhere up there. The French and Germans aren't good examples either. The French don't even know what taking a shower means. Most of Europe is in a decline, and they are too busy to worry about things like getting more water. I don't even understand why she is bringing up water in her eco blog. Water is a renewable resource. It always has been.

BelchSpeak said...

Hey Ed,

I know its shocking to find out what a loon Daryl Hannah is. Did you know she climbed a tree to keep a jewish landowner from tearing it down? Psycho bitch.