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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Citizens or subjects

A big decision comes down from the Supremes tomorrow regarding gun control...

The U.S. Supreme Court today did not release its long-awaited ruling on whether the District's handgun ban violates the Second Amendment. That means the potentially landmark decision will almost certainly come tomorrow morning when the court is planning to issue the last of its rulings for the term. The case, District of Columbia v. Heller, which was argued nearly four months ago, could settle the decades-old debate over whether the Second Amendment grants individuals the right to own firearms.

I predict Alito, Roberts, Scalia, and Thomas will overturn the ban, with Kennedy siding with the majority. Breyer, Ginsberg, Stevens, and Souter will predictably uphold the ban. As liberals, they loathe the idea of individuals being able to defend themselves against the tyranny of the State or from other individuals.

I read this comment on another blog today and it fit so perfectly my gun-ownership ideas, I decided to repeat it....

"Citizens are armed, subjects are not. We shall remain armed"

Let's hope that's how it turns out.

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Kevin said...

Why don't they understand that this will increase the crime rate? Criminals will get guns no matter what. Since citizens who uphold the laws won't be able to have them, finding an unarmed citizen won't be a problem. We will be defenseless.