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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Counting on your stupidity

This is the image of oil companies that liberals want Americans to have. They want you to resent the evil capitalists' profits these companies earn, as the rest of us suffer, paying $4 at the pump. That's why they use terms like "windfall profits". Because they suggest that the oil company did nothing to earn this money and therefor it's only right that we take some of it away from them to help more deserving Americans pay for gasoline and heating oil.

The Obamessiah promised as President, a windfall profits tax on any oil company profits above what he deems to be reasonable. What he won't mention is that 98.5% of the stock in the biggest 5 oil companies is owned by middle-class stockholders in their 401K's, retirement funds, and money market retirement accounts. These profits are what they're counting on to retire. It's their money. They risked their capital and they deserve to benefit from their investment. Moreover, oil companies only make 9-10 cents on every dollar of investment, while the government already makes three times that by taxing the oil companies. If you are looking for somebody to be angry at for the high gas prices, look at your government first.

And if you don't do anything else useful for God and country today, please look up the difference between "profit" and "profit margin". The measure of true corporate income is "profit margin" not "profit". There's a huge difference. By comparison, the credit card company to whom you pay the minimum every month has a profit margin of close to 40%. They clear 4 times more on every dollar of revenue than the oil companies. Where's the cry for a windfall profits tax on credit card companies? If you want to stupidly whine about obscene profits, whine about that.

See, this is why the government has a vested interest in you remaining dumb and gullible. It's so they can easily convince you, through wealth envy and class warfare, that you deserve somebody elses money...money that you didn't earn. And far too many Americans jump at the chance to grab somebody elses earnings because hey, it's easier than working for it.

Pop Quiz Hot Shots: Can anybody tell my why a windfall profits tax on oil companies, while making dumb liberals gleeful that we're sticking it to the evil oil companies, will likely cause gas shortages and even higher prices for gasoline?

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