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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Indentured servitude

Would somebody please show me in the Constitution where it says Congress can force me to pay for the stupid decisions of others?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate was expected to approve as soon as Wednesday the biggest government program yet to tackle a deep housing market slump feared to be dragging the economy into recession.

The legislation would create a $300 billion fund to help up to 400,000 troubled homeowners refinance costly, exotic mortgages into more affordable, government-backed loans. It easily cleared a Senate test vote by an 83-9 vote on Tuesday.

I get that families are losing their homes. I get that they feel tricked by the government, finance companies, and banks. I get that it's painful and humiliating to go through a foreclosure. I get that having to start over is an awful position to be in.

I get all that. But what they have to understand is that.....I DON'T CARE!

No Americans should be obligated to pony up their tax dollars to bail out other Americans who made poor choices and uninformed financial decisions. Home-ownership isn't a birth-right any more than affordable health-care or a living wage is a birth-right. If I make a bad financial decision and I lose my butt, I don't go next door to my neighbors and stick my hand out for money to bail me out. But that's exactly what this Senate bill does. It compels wise Americans who live within their means to cough up some of their hard-earned money to compensate stupid Americans for their bad decisions.

I swear, at some point there needs to be a tax-payer revolt of some kind. I'd sure get behind it.


freedom2learn said...

So, these people who bought too much house can keep more than they can afford. Meanwhile, I can't afford more because my hard earned money is helping them keep what they sholdn't have had in the first place. Nice.

I swear Í'm going to make a career of living on government programs.

Ed said...

Sadly, there are harder ways of making a living. Gaming the system is a cottage industry with the immigration and handout crowd. If you play it right, you can live quite comfortably on the backs of other hardworking taxpayers.

Kevin said...

This sounds terribly familiar. I read this in a book once. Work based on ability, get paid based on need. Hat tip to whoever can figure out what I am referencing.

Anonymous said...


Kevin said...

Hat Tip to you anon. :)