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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This is why velcro was invented

Here at TRR we have an official policy of ridiculing people when they hurt or kill themselves in ways which include wild animals or trains. It's in our bylaws so we have no choice. Well, the latest report is about a minor so I'll go easy on him, but still......

A teenager was killed Sunday when he was hit by a train in Waverly.

Don Reichhardt, a Waverly police officer, says 16-year-old Malcolm Pezzano stopped to tie his shoe while crossing the tracks and was hit by a westbound Norfolk Southern freight train.

Reichhardt said the teen was walking in an area without a railroad crossing.

Did you catch that? "...stopped to tie his shoes." How dumb do you have to be to stop on railroad tracks to tie your shoes, and then stay there when you see and hear a train coming your way, in the only place the train could be....on the tracks? I'm sorry for this kid's parents, but let's hope he was too young to have sired any stupid offspring.


Kevin said...

Reichhardt said the teen was walking in an area without a railroad crossing...?

So what? Does he need one in order to know that a train runs over those pieces of steel and wood? He is either incompetent, i.e. mentally ill, and the parents are negligent, he is too young to know about trains, still the parents are negligent, or is deaf, blind, and stupid. Why one earth, of all places, would you stop to tie your shoes on train tracks?! Do you not see the train coming?! How stupid do people get? THey should have darwin awards for death by train alone.

Bobby T said...

I heard he was seen with that Spears woman a time or 2. who knows we could have some really stupid now!!

Kevin said...

Guys, today i was walking down a road and all of a sudden i felt the urge to tie my shoes. I happened to be on train tracks. Luckily i remembered i was wearing flip flops and just narrowly escaped a horrendously ridiculous way to die.