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Sunday, June 08, 2008

I've fallen, and I can't get up!

As you know, here at TRR we take great delight in poking fun of people who manage to kill or hurt themselves in ridiculous or stupid ways. We've mocked minorities, transgendered, Eurotrash, gays, feminists(especially feminists), midgets, you name it. Because you see, we couldn't care less what your group identity is, if we think you deserve mockery, we will mock you. So far, however, we have not ridiculed the handicapped....there are some lines even I won't cross. 

Yeah, right!

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. —  A woman in a motorized wheelchair slammed into a hotel elevator, forcing the doors to open, and then fell about 30 feet down the shaft early Saturday, a city fire official said.

Boy, she seriously had a thing for that particular elevator cab. Why couldn't she just wait for the next one? And I'm guessing there aren't reverse gears on these scooters. I mean after you ram the doors hard enough to trigger the "open" mechanism, don't you have to drive it forward into the empty shaft? For the shaft to have been empty, the cab would have to have moved...obviously. On every elevator I've ever ridden, the doors are shut a good 2-3 seconds before the cab moves, and the doors were shut when she rammed them. That means that at least 4-5 seconds had elapsed prior to impact. Are we to believe that the doors were in the process of shutting when she hit them? I'm reasonably sure that all, ALL elevator doors have a safety such that they will not open unless the cab is stopped on the other side. That means she must have really hit those doors hard. 

I swear, these disabled people have some sense of entitlement and privilege, ramming their expensive motorized scooters into everything. Why it's almost as if they want special treatment or something.   

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