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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, June 09, 2008

GOP.......big-time spenders

Want to know why the GOP might lose the Presidency this year, as well as suffer huge defeats in both houses of Congress? Look no further than the dreadful, pork-laden transportation bill Bush gladly signed into law a week ago. Here are some highlights, or should I say lowlights?

-$98,000 by House appropriator Virgil Goode (R-Va.) to develop a walking tour of Boydton. The town has a population of 474, and covers .82 square miles.
-$98,000 by Rep. John McHugh (R-N.Y.) for renovations to the Wakely Lodge Resort, the site of a nine-hole public golf course in Indian Lake.
-$245,000 by Senate appropriator Patty Murray (D-Wash.), Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), and Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.) for construction of a Wine and Culinary Center, the purpose of which is to educate and promote the areas of viticulture, enology and culinary practices, and showcase the quality of Washington’s wine industry.
-$14,878,000 added by the House for the International Fund for Ireland (IFI). IFI, established in 1986, is an organization whose objectives are to promote economic and social advance and to encourage contact, dialogue and reconciliation between nationalists and unionists throughout Ireland, despite the fact that peace has broken out in Ireland and the Irish economy is the strongest in Europe.

These are just snipets of the 11,610 pork projects that cost $17.2 billion of American taxpayers' money. If people want a walking tour of their town, they can pay for it. If Washington wants to showcase it's wine industry, let the taxpayers of Washington pay for it. If golfers want a nicer clubhouse, raise membership dues. And why do we give a crap if the Irish people like each other? These are nothing but incumbent re-election bribes and corrupt politicians snicker as they shove their hands in our wallets to pay for it. The GOP deserves to lose, big time! As much as I loathe the Obamessiah, it might be what is needed to wake up the big-spending republicans in DC.....but I doubt it.


Kevin said...

What a splendid waste of our money! How about money for a border fence??? Do you know how far 98,000 dollars would go there? A long way. Sadly though, i think Obama getting elected would be worse than this. At least with these pork projects, Americans will still have the freedom to do what we want. Under Obama, we will not be able to drive when we want, live comfortably and keep our tummies full. That isn't leadership and we won't live like that! (Obama is a crazy fool.)

freedom2learn said...

They spend our money like this while the Senate demands explanations from "big oil".