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Friday, June 27, 2008

Do not feed the polar bears!

Report: North Pole May Be Ice-Free This Summer------Quick, everybody panic!!!!

It seems unimaginable, but for the first time in recorded history the North Pole may be free of ice this summer, according to a published report Friday.

If climate scientists' predictions hold true, the "unique" prospect of sailing in open waters at the North Pole, before the region cools in September, may become a shocking reality.

This is the best news we've heard about global warming. Think of the tourist potential...I'd stay at the Arctic Hilton Resort and Spa. And with all the tourists running around, there will be plenty of food for the polar bears since they are one of only a few species to actively hunt, kill, and eat humans. Then think of the commerce lanes that will be open. The famed Northwest Passage will be available for a few months to cargo ships. And finally, with no ice to get in the way, drilling for oil will be much cheaper and easier. See, this global warming stuff is a win win for everybody...even the polar bears.

Looks like an ideal place for shipping, fishing, or drilling......yaaaaaaaay global warming!

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Kevin said...

This will solve Daryl Hannah's problem too. Less ice = more water! Now she can put her millions of dollars to use and help ship it to Africa!