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Friday, June 13, 2008

Government regulators......good grief!

There is absolutely no part of your life over which the nanny-State doesn't want control, including in the bathroom. Not content with ruining an otherwise satisfying constitutional with low-flush toilets, now they're after our shower curtains.....

OTTAWA -- A new study says some plastic shower curtains may be hazardous to your health.

The U.S.-based Centre for Health, Environment and Justice says polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shower curtains may release 108 toxic chemicals into the air.

The study found the ubiquitous PVC curtains contain harmful chemicals that can cause a litany of adverse health effects to the lungs, central nervous system, liver and kidneys.

Environmental Defence and the Canadian Environmental Law Association released the study in Canada and are calling on Ottawa to ban PVC curtains and force manufacturers and retailers to instead sell cotton ones.

Cotton shower curtains? Of all the stupid ideas that sweaty, hand-wringing bureaucrats have come up with.....cotton shower curtains. I'm no Marth Stewart but, aren't the cotton shower curtains designed to be used decoratively on the outside of the PVC curtain, not in place of it....maybe because cotton absorbs water?

I swear, these government regulators must feel like they have to constantly be banning something, mandating something, or regulating something in order to justify their jobs. But that can't be it. As employees in the vast government bureacracy, their taxpayer-funded jobs are secure regardless of how incompetently they perform them. And their degree of job satisfaction is directly proportional to the level of inconvenience they inflict upon the rest of us.

Every time regulators ban something, no matter how harmlessly we've been exposed to it over our lifetimes, lawyers will start bringing suits against manufacturers on behalf of pitiful "victims", claiming all manner of imagined damages. In this case, the cost of shower curtains will rise dramatically for the rest of us to pay for the bogus settlements.


Kevin said...

Here is a thought. Ban cigarettes. We know the harm that they will cause. Not what may or may not happen. Of all the ridiculous things. Cotton shower curtains have to washed and dried. They become mildewy. They tear. They aren't heavy duty. Can we please start living our own lives, and let the people who are afraid of some chemicals in a PVC shower curtain live theirs?

Anonymous said...

They only tested a single curtain. Not a single brand.

Just. One. Curtain.

Don't forget to Panic.

Kevin said...

Its very similar to the one field of tomatoes that had salmonella in it. Hence why NATIONWIDE, there are only around 200 cases of salmonella fitzgerald poisoning that have occurred. Americans are very quick to panic and think irrationally about this sort of thing.

David said...

For an interesting vignette on shower curtains watch the movie "Fargo". I believe THAT shower curtain was hazardous to HER health as she ultimately ended up in the wood chipper.

Anonymous said...

" I swear, these government regulators must feel like they have to constantly be banning something, mandating something, or regulating something in order to justify their jobs."

Bingo ! I see in Québec also in the Ministère de l'éducation where every couple of years they feel compelled to come up with a new way for 2+2 to equal 4.