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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Obama campaign reveals race hyper-sensitivity

I delight in seeing liberals get embarrassed by their own racial hyper-sensitivity and the same political correctness to which they insist the rest of us adhere. That's why this story about Obama, the "post-racial candidate", stupidly asking a delegate to step down because of her presumptive racial thought crime, is so telling. Apparently this caucasion delegate called out to some black kids climbing in trees near her house to "stop climbing in the trees like monkeys". She says she feared for their safety if they fell out. She also regularly calls her own kids monkeys when they do things like climb in trees.

Well, you can imagine the outrage on behalf of the post-racial candidate Obama. Rather than give her the benefit of the doubt as any sane, reasonable person would do, he asked her to step down as a delegate because there's the slimmest of chances she could have been referring to them as monkeys because they're black. In effect, she's being punished for something she may or may not have been thinking at the time, because a minority somewhere nuanced a racial insult from an otherwise innocuous statement. Is this what an Obama presidency would do? Usher in a new era of thought-crime legislation in which the term "monkey" is removed from the lexicon because it hurts some peoples' feelings?

Apparently, only white kids can be called monkeys when they climb in trees, eat bananas, and fling their poo.


Kevin said...

I've said this before and I'll probably have to say it again, but the reason that racism exists is because people like this woman are accused of calling kids monkey's because they are black. I guess now monkey will become the new 'n' word, and lynch is officially a word that offends black people. Oh excuse me, I meant African American. Well you know what? I take offense to being called white from now on, and don't refer to me as cracker. It's sad that this is how stupid America has become. People who hate black people because they are black are racists. But people who accuse other people of being racist are racists too.

Black Panther said...

People can accuse others of being racists, if the accused are behaving in an inappropriately racial manner, and not be racists. Recognizing racism does not make one a racist. I, however do agree that our world is quickly going down the perverbial toilet, with the overabundance of these types of actions. Howard Cosell, amoung others, was ridiculed for using this term years ago. It only proves that many people want to look for a fight, instead of fighting to change behavior. Rev. Jackson and his cronies make many racial statements without retribution, but as soon as they learn of a public transgression (i.e. Don Imus) they jump up and down a scream and cry foul(MONKEYISH,If YOU ASK ME). Monkeys in a tree community routinely exhibit this type of behavior,in the wild, as predators invade their living spaces. Resemblence ... maybe, but not racial at all. All kids exhibit this type of behavior as well, it just seems that this woman needs to find another word when referring to these children. I suggest baboons;koalas;mandrills;apes; gorillas; etc. Hopefully one of those choices will offend a less vocal segment and allow BO to move on to other "campaign"issues.

Kevin said...

I agree, BP. People who accuse this woman of being racist, are looking for a fight, and are acting stupid, monkey-like if you will. I also agree there are people out there that are racist, and the people that accuse them of it are not necessarily racist. Unfortunately, in our world today, something offends someone, and in the older days, people moved on with there lives, but today people just want to moan and whine whenever they are offended. It beginning to slow down our nation culturally, politically, economically, etc. Its becoming ridiculous.

freedom2learn said...

I think Obama looks like a monkey - GASP!!!! There I said it. I can't help it - that is what I think of everytime I see him. Am I a racist?

Bobby T said...

Obviously not, although you may have closet-racial tendencies. Luckily for you Hillary will have a government sponsored program to help you as soon as she is elected. Start your therapy now.

Ed said...

By current PC standards, if you use the term "monkey" or "token" and you happen to be standing in the same room as a black person, you are a racist, if that black person chooses to take offense. It matters not the context of your sentence or at whom it was directed, simply being exposed to the words "monkey" or "token" creates an atmosphere of racism.

freedom, on the other hand, actually compared Obama to a monkey. I find that to be both daring and hilarious at the same time.

freedom2learn said...

But I have a white cousin who looks like a monkey too. I've thought so ever since I was about 8 years old. I have a niece who is black - she's absolutley beautiful. I think Dennis Haybert is sexy - and my son's friend looks like the neighbors dog.
If anyone has the right to be offended it's my son's friend.