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Friday, April 25, 2008

A new personal best

I played golf this morning with a friend of mine at a local course called Bentbrook here in Alabama. My previous best for a round was 83, which I shot a long time ago. Today I shot a blistering 38 on the front nine and struggled a little with a 43 on the back. For those of you who were learning to put condoms on cucumbers in dreadful public schools instead of learning basic math skills, that's a total of 81. But that's not all: I also birdied the par4, 1 handicap hole on the front nine with witnesses. (each 9 holes are ranked according to their level of difficulty with the 1 handicap hole being the hardest to par) I intentionally faded a 4 iron 185-190yards around an oak tree to within 4 feet of the pin, followed by a successful birdie put....with witnesses. The marshal was watching as were the foursome playing ahead of us while they waited to tee off on the next hole. For somebody who gets to play only a handful of times a year, 81 is epic! I just thought I'd share that with you guys.


Kevin said...

Not bad Ed, shave a few more strokes off that score and you can hack your way around the course with me! ;)

ed said...

Kevin's rules of golf:

1: a putt that stops so close to the hole so as to inspire such comments as, "You could kick it in", may be kicked in.

2: a putt that hangs on the lip of the cup, seeming to defy the law of gravity, is deemed to have gone in, after all, the laws of golf cannot supersede the laws of physics.

3. a ball that strikes a tree is deemed NOT to have struck the tree, as this is a random occurrence and randomness has no place in the scientific game. The player may re-hit his ball with no penalty.

4. a ball landing in the rough may be relocated to a better spot for hitting....preferably on a small tuft of grass. Bad lies interfere with the players enjoyment of the game.

Kevin said...

Haha ok apply those rules for both of us. I still beat you by 3 strokes. Next time I am home, we shall see who is the better player.