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Friday, April 18, 2008

Tuition well-spent?

I found this gem over at GatewayPundit this morning. Apparently this expression artist named Susan Crane, wasting her parents' money masquerading as a student at the University of Maine, decided to place American flags on the floor of the student center for people to trample, and called it art.

The provost confronted outraged veterans who came to protest the display by saying- "It's just a piece of cloth". First, let me say that while outrageous, it's not so much the trampling of the flag that is the issue for me, it's the hypocricy. As soon as you ban flag-trampling, dumb, hippie students everywhere will be trampling it just to prove they can....same as burning the flag. No, I'd like to know how the University would deal with the mistreatment of symbols they hold dear. I wonder how the provost would react to trampling rainbow flags(adopted symbol for homosexuals), or trampling images of Mohammed? I think it's safe to assume they would not allow it on the grounds that it's patently offensive to those groups. The only conclusion one can draw here is that as long as you are bashing and insulting America or Christianity, you will not only be allowed to, you'll be celebrated and rewarded for it.

What a dispicable, loathsome tramp Susan Crane is! I'll bet her parents are proud. No doubt the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts has fast-tracked her to the top of their endowment list.


Joe Camel said...

This is where a line must be drawn. Art is one thing, but to desecrate the flag our fathers fought to preserve, is too much. I am offended and will do my best to see that justifiable punishment is meted out.

Kevin said...

This isn't even art. If this is art then so is the trail of mud I dragged into the house as a kid after a long day of playing in the woods. Is this seriously what public education is teaching our kids?!?!

David said...

Question: Is this any worse than the tattered flags being (mindlessly) flown by those too lazy and cheap to maintain this proud symbol. Check it out the next time you are driving around. Sad.

As I think of this situation and type this entry while listening to Neil Young sing "Hey Hey, My My" I feel like the anti-pollution indian from the 70's T.V. commercical: witnessing the destruction of this nation as a tear rolls down my cheek.

It is so hard for me to be optimistic about our future.

Kevin said...

David you have a good point about the people that fly their tattered flags on their cars, but you also don't really have a valid point. The people flying their tattered flags at least are flying the flags because they have some patriotism. This girl has put the symbol of our nation at the lowest point it can get, the feet. This act shows nothing but disrespect for our country.

David said...

They may be patriotic just not enough to maintain their flags. Flag etiquette dictates destroying (burning, yikes!) a tattered flag.