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Monday, April 21, 2008

Jemmah Cahtah---useful idiot

Globe-trotting, America-hating, dictator-loving ex-President Jemmah Cahtah just finished "un-official" talks with the terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel, Hamas.

JERUSALEM - Former President Carter said Monday that Hamas — the Islamic militant group that has called for the destruction of Israel — is prepared to accept the right of the Jewish state to "live as a neighbor next door in peace."

But Carter warned that there would not be peace if Israel and the U.S. continue to shut out Hamas and its main backer, Syria.

Apparently Jemmah isn't satisified with being not only this country's worst President ever and our worst ex-President too, he's competing with Bill Maher and Rosie O'Donnel for the title of Worst Person in the Universe. While in the West Bank, Jemmah laid a wreath at the grave site of his BFF, terrorist Yassir Arafat. He wanted to visit Gaza but Hamas didn't think that was a good idea. How loathsome and dispicable do you have to be that even terrorists don't want you around?

Hamas' pretend accpetance of Israel as their neighbor is standard rhetoric for middle-east terrorists hell-bent on the destruction of the Zionists. They attack Israel, kill and maim civilians, then when the West starts paying attention, or Israel starts looking pissed, like petulant children, they crawl to the negotiating table and ask for a little more land from Israel with the promise of peace. Useful idiots like Carter then insist that Israel fork over it's land and within a month of taking over, the formerly useful, productive land is wrecked and useless and Hamas has resumed attacking Israel in preparation for the next round of "peace talks".

I shudder to think how horrifying it must be to wake up every morning to the knowledge that you are Jemmah.


David said...

We'd be better of if we put a hammer back in the hands of Jemmah. Then he could think and act local. Or should that be loco.

Wow! With my disgust over the Mexican invasion I can't believe I just used that word. Maybe it has a Latin origin I can claim as my source!

I'm in D.C. as I write, only a stone's throw from the Jemmah's inauguration site. A spectacle I witnessed as a naive 13 year old and will not soon forget. Unfortunately.

Kevin said...

Ok, I know how we can really hit him where it counts. We can hit him right in the NUTS!!!! HAHA wow that joke really works here.