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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Olympic Torch: Flame or Failure?

I used to enjoy the Olympics. I watched as athletes from around the world competed in events, albeit obscure or weird, and displayed their prowess. I then turned 7, some 40 years ago. I am now through with the event. My stomach has been turned many times this week by protesters and demonstrations as the "Olympic Torch" has been shuttled around the world. This transportation of the flame was intended to garner interest for the coming event. Alas, it has now been reduced to an item on the "Cindy Shehan" event calendar. The torch was extinguished several times earlier this month in Paris due to protests. Now the torch is passing through California. Many of our nations finest liberals have gathered to upstage this event. We have people protesting China's treatment of its people, control of Tibetand its monastic lifestyle, governmental dealings with Myanamar among others, and nudists wanting the games to return to their pristine origins. A vocal leader present was the above pictured Gigilo - Richard Gere. I have no idea what upset him, but always find him hard to take seriously after the gerbal in the bowels incident. I digress, sorry.
The Olympics are now a sham. They are corrupt, incorrigible, and mostly a waste of taxpayer expense. I can cite many examples of IOC inepitude, and oversight. I look at Marion Jones and her drug scandal, Tanya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan and the Pipe wrench in the conservatory scandal, any judged score in ice skating/dancing (?) -why is ice dancing a sport anyway?, Gymnastics, track and field, skiing. This is a competition that doesn't even check entrants (Eddie the Eagle).
There have been some great Olympic moments, but far to few to offset the recent mishappenings and dealings in the world of the IOC. Who cares about the Gold Medalist of the Speed Walking Competition. One always can count on drama and excellent commentary when the cyclists take to the velodrome. Forget those marathon coverages.. whoo I'm giddy. I just found this topic to ironic to pass up a diatribe on. Forgive my rant on a completely worthless issue when many important things are happening.


R Murphy said...

I did notice today that Mexico is withdrawing from the upcoming Olympic games. Their president, Felipe Calderon announced," Casi cada uno que puede funcionar, saltar,o la nadada ha salido ya del pams" Which loosely translated means "Pretty much anyone that run, jump or swim has already left the country".

Anonymous said...

damn you r murphy, you beat me to the--why doesn't mexico have a summer olympic team?-- joke.

Anonymous said...

richard gere is a douchebag, but that does not change the fact that he is right about Tibet. the olympics are a rare window of opportunity in which the world has something they want...recognition. China's human rights record is reprehensible and like it or not, the olympics are supremely political and as such, maybe the rest of the world can use this time to affect change there.