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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NOT smarter than the average bear

It's been a while since that wild tiger tried to eat that moron who was taunting it at the SanFran zoo but, you knew it was bound to happen again at some point. And as sure as Britney takes her first Percodan before 8AM, you knew I would be there to make fun of the situtation...

THE grizzly bear that featured on the big screen supposedly pitted against comedy star Will Ferrell has killed a handler.

The 2.3m, 320kg grizzly known as Rocky featured in the film Semi-Pro, where Ferrell's character wrestled with the animal to promote his basketball team.

Three experienced handlers were working with Rocky today when he fatally bit one on the neck at Randy Miller's Predators in Action, a private US facility for exotic animals, used in movies and television, wireservice AP reports.

When will these people learn? You cannot domesticate wild, carnivorous predators. To them, we are nothing but food. Either we bring it, or we ARE it.

Would you get in a ring with this guy?

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